Solar benefits & prices

Financial reasons for using solar

  • A substantial savings on your hot water bill
  • Reduction in your energy supply costs
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Grant assisted schemes available
  • Reduce your Carbon foot print
  • No fuel tax incurred


For complete solar water heating installations, this includes thermal tank, controller and integration to your existing system as a guide only.

Evacuated tubes
20 tube 1-2 person from £3850
30 tube 3-4 person from £4500
40 tube 5-6 person from £5400

High efficiencyflat-plates
2m2 1-2 person from £3700
3m2 2-3 person from £4300
4m2 4-5 person from £4750

Non-standard systems always possible. All prices are VAT exclusive prices. (Final price can be assured only after site visit) Prices assume: connection to conventional central heating(open vented), conventional pitch-roof, in good condition, with ridge no serious overshadowing, facing near South, with good access for working platforms and uncomplicated pipe runs.