Gas Safe – Gas servicing installation

Check an installer IS Gas Safe

All GasSafe registered gas installers carry a photo-id card that includes the business’s GasSafe registration number and a unique operative id. The registration number is often included in the installers advertisements and your installer should be happy to provide it to you when asked. Each individual operative (whether working for a company or themselves) has an exclusive ID-card serial number.

Make sure your gas installer is Gas Safe

GasSafe ID card

GasSafe ID card

BEFORE allowing anyone into your property to carry out gas related work, insist to see their GasSafe ID card. For a registered installer this should not present a problem.

The card should display:


  • A photograph of the operative
  • Their name
  • The trading name of the registered business
  • The GasSafe Registered Installer logo with registration number underneath
  • The expiry date of the card


  • Details of the different types of gas work the operative is competent to undertake. Installers are not legally allowed to carry out any work not listed

GasSafe Registered Installers have to undergo at least the minimum requirement of training before they are accepted on to the GasSafe register. Most have significantly more training. The training and assessments that registered gas installers have are not only about the technical know-how of specific appliances but also about safety. All assessments have to be renewed every five years in order to keep installers up to date with ever-changing standards and regulations and to keep their knowledge fresh.

It is not only illegal for people to work with gas unless they are GasSafe Registered, it is also highly dangerous. Statistics demonstrate that a significant proportion of gas work carried out by people who are not registered with GasSafe is incorrect and therefore potentially unsafe.If you need gas installation or maintenance work, make sure that you employ a GasSafe Registered Installer with the appropriate training and credentials. GasSafe Registered Installers will make sure that your appliances meet all gas safety and building regulations and that you have the necessary documentation you may need to sell your house in the future.
If you are unsure whether your installer has the appropriate registration to handle your work, ask to see their ID card and check the details on the reverse. In order to protect the general public, GasSafe Registered Installers are:

  • Given an identification card which should be shown upon request
  • Required to obtain competency certificates in areas of gas work they carry out
  • Required to update their proof of competence regularly
  • Subject to regular work inspections carried out by GasSafe Inspectors