Home Information Pack

Households from 1st April fall under the control of building regulations all central heating boiler installations requires all gas boilers fitted in both new and existing homes to be high efficiency condensing boilers with either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ efficiency rating.
Yet a majority of homeowners have no idea about the changes. inspection pack sketch drawing

The planned introduction of the Government’s Home Sellers Pack in 2007(draft document here) means that homeowners will have to produce a certificate to prove the efficiency of any boiler installed after 1st April 2005 meets the regulations and that it has been installed by a qualified CORGI installer.

Householders should be more careful than ever of installers who don’t carry a CORGI card as the legal responsibility now lies with them to comply. The Home owner, not the cowboy installers, will end up paying the price of non-compliance and this may not be realised until they come to sell their home or make a warranty claim against the boiler. Even before the packs become law many solicitors are requesting the information be provided without it the purchaser’s solicitor’s search will still flag up the missing documentation which could jeopardise the sale.

Channel 4 television have produced a guide to the home information Seller pack and this link takes you to 6 pages of useful information

How we can help

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, have the appliances checked before hand. We can inspect your proposed purchase to see that it is working correctly and safely, helping you avoid a high repair bill lurking once you have purchased your dream home or buy to let property investment.

Estate agents and professionals

Flame Fix can inspect properties for gas safety and compliance contact us for further information.

Home buyers Packs

Flame fix can inspect and test domestic gas installations and issue a basic safety check similar to a landlords safety check (generally it will be more in depth depending on the installation).

We will also check the installation meets current regulations and note any defects, or work that needs attending. General guidance on current energy efficiency can also be given.

If you do not have records of appliances service history we will also service your appliances so that you can show prospective purchasers that your gas systems comply.

Pressurised unvented heating systems also require by law an annual inspection and test of the controls and installation, this we can also do.

  • Saftey checks
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Certification of compliance
  • Guidance on energy efficiency
  • Unvented heating system checks