Pellet stoves, Pellet boilers and Pellet fires.

Flame Fix offer a range of products at the leading edge of wood fuelled pellet stoves and pellet boilers. Now you can afford to install viable alternatives to oil and gas fired systems, with the knowledge that your heating is effectively Carbon neutral. A major advantage is the cost comparison of fuels, Pellet stoves run at typically less than 3.5pence /kW which is almost equivalent to Natural Gas rates. Pellets are not subject to the dramatic price rises seen in both the gas and oil market, with prices set to rise further Pellet burners are a competitive, safe, easy to use environment friendly alternative. This contemporary and traditional styled range offers the very latest in technology, efficiency and design.

Wood pellets are a CO2-neutral form of biofuel. The greenhouse effect, which arises due to an imbalance between the consumption and production of CO2, represents a serious threat to the climate of the earth. The combustion of wood pellets releases no more CO2 than was previously absorbed during the growth of the plants. It makes no difference to the environment whether the wood decomposes in the forest, or you burn it in a wood pellet fired boiler this is what the term carbon neutral refers to.

Why not combine your biofuel and solar heating, with a carefully designed storage tank to offer the biggest savings on heating bills and positive environmental benefits.

Pellet stove with wet system heating capabilities- free standing

Pellet stove with ducted warm air heating capabilities- free standing

Pellet burner stoves – free standing

Pellet fires – built in