Plumbing services

Services offered

Basic plumbing and installation work

  • Changing a radiator.
  • Disabled adaptations.
  • Washing Machines.
  • Dishwashers
  • Waste disposal units.
  • Burst pipes.
  • Outside taps.
  • Cold water storage tank
  • replacements.
  • Unvented cylinder servicing.
  • Immersion heaters.

Emergency plumbing service

Emergency repair of leaks, blocked sinks and toilets*. (*macerators, sanipumps etc., at
extra cost)

Complete heating installations

We install complete heating systems particularly for solar, wood pellet and oil as well as gas. We would also recommend the following company ‘A H Claydon and Son Ltd’ Exeter Tel: 01392 270216(-please mention flamefix) for installation work.

Power flushing

We offer a powerflush service for all heating systems, click for further information.

Specialist equipment

We have a range of specialist equipment to enable us to minimise problems for you and rectify any faults quickly and efficiently.

Approved plumber/contractor scheme

Flame Fix are registered as part of the approved contractor scheme run by the water regulation advisory service (WRAS) contact them for more information or telephone WRAS (01495 248454).
A leaflet by the WRAS is available for download. The approved contractor scheme is supported by all water authorities in the UK and allow the contractor to self certify their work (without notifying the local water authority such as South West Water) and take full responsibility for their work. Contact South West Water for further information. We would direct you to these links to answer any questions you may have on the Regulations and what work requires water board notification and how they affect you.

This brief summary details when the water board must be notified, before work starts, where any of the following are to be installed unless using an approved contractor.

  • A bidet with an ascending spray or hose*
  • A bath larger than 230 litres (measured to the centre of the overflow)
  • A single shower unit with more than one outlet
  • A pump or booster drawing more than 12 litres per minute
  • A reverse osmosis unit
  • A water treatment unit producing a waste water discharge or requiring water for regeneration or cleaning
  • A reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve or other mechanical device for protection against backflow in fluid category 4 or 5*
  • A garden watering system unless designed to be a hand-operated one
  • Any water system laid outside a building and either less than 750mm or more than 1350mm below ground level
  • A pond or swimming pool, of a capacity of more than 10,000 litres, designed to be replenished automatically with mains water.

Notification (a pdf notification available here) is also required prior to the erection of a new building or structure, the extension or alteration of the water system in any premises except a domestic dwelling*, or the material change of use of a premise.

If the work is to be carried out by an Approved Plumber notification is not required but on completion, a certificate will be issued to the client and sent to the Company by the approved contractor.