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Gas boiler servicing

Gas boiler service

Gas appliances serviced

  • Gas Boilers, combi boilers

    including combi boilers, back boilers, cast iron and condensing boilers

  • Gas Fires

    including decorative, radiant and convertor

  • Water heaters

    including single and multi point

  • Cookers

    including hobs, free standing and built-in

Diagnose and repair faults gas faults

Not all repairers are the same Unlike some repair services, Flame Fix diagnose and repair your fault and do not just replace items until the problem disappears! Also we do not advocate a replacement appliance unless there is good reason. However if your boiler is old or uses a permanent pilot you should consider changing it for a new condensing boiler as this will save you money on gas and help protect the environment.
The fault may lie in the heating system not the appliance and we fault diagnose and replace failed motorised valves, timeclocks, room thermostats, or leaking radiator valves where required.
Parts replaced are covered by a 12 months guarantee.

Common gas faults

The following are just some common examples of faulty appliances, it is not an exhaustive list and at all times Flame Fix recommend your appliances are regularly inspected.

Faults indicating a boiler requires servicing.

  • Flames appear irregular or yellow
  • Smell of fumes or gas - (turn off gas at the gas meter) speak to Transco then call flamefix.
  • Stains or smoke marks around the appliance
  • Overheating - temperature gauge goes above 80 degrees centigrade
  • Pressure drops rapidly - boiler needs refilling more than once a month
  • Fan whines loudly or screeches
  • Pilot goes out repeatedly
  • Poor hot water
  • Radiators don't all heat up at the same time - possibly a boiler fault, or it is equally possible that the system is unbalanced. refer to info on power flushing

Faults indicating a Gas fire requires servicing.

  • Flames appear irregular or yellow -(flame effect fires require particular attention)
  • Smell of fumes or gas - (turn off gas at the gas meter) speak to Transco
  • damaged coals or radiants
  • Stains or smoke marks around the fire
  • Failure to ignite on first light
  • Pilot goes out repeatedly or fails to light easily

Faults indicating a cooker requires servicing.

  • Flames appear irregular or yellow.
  • Flames appear to lift off the burner or a roaring sound is heard.
    Example video modem or broadband
  • Smell of fumes or gas - (turn off gas at the gas meter) speak to Transco
  • Flame from burner is uncontrollable
  • Stains or smoke marks around the oven door
  • Failure to ignite on first light
  • Pilot goes out repeatedly or fails to light easily

Annual servicing why bother?

Gas appliances need regular servicing to ensure your safety, that the appliance is operating efficiently and as a requirement of Gas regulations; which recommend a regular schedule of maintenance is carried out. Manufacurers also recommend annual servicing and often forms part of their guarantee.
From 2007 it will form part of the home buyers pack to ensure that details of maintenance and repair work are recorded. Indeed Benchmark exisits now, which requires all new appliances installed are properly maintained.
Just as you would service your car and MOT it, gas appliances should also be serviced. Landlords are required to MOT (gas safety check) their appliances and installations BY LAW. It is a recommendation for home owners, remember gas appliances are inherently safe but the safety of your family and home, depend on those safety devices working correctly. Don't put family and your safety at risk from Carbon monoxide poisoning or dangerous incidents. Ensure you regularly service your gas appliances.

Why use GasSafe registered engineers

oftec logo GasSafe registered engineers are the only persons legally allowed to work with gas, and service appliances.
                    OFTEC         CORGI         Approved Plumber         Clear Skies         Solar Trade Association

Flame Fix provide oil service and gas service, repairs and maintenance. Covering the Exeter Devon region for domestic heating appliances, oil boiler and gas combi boiler fault finding, central heating installations, landlord safety certificates,solar thermal heating design and installation clear skies registered. We also install bio mass pellet burner systems.
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